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The table on this page lists that sportsbooks that have the best deposit methods in 2015.  Our list of US facing online sportsbooks only has bookies with a great reputations within the industry.  Don’t get scammed by a shady sportsbook. Choose from our list of safe sportsbooks and get a great bonus by clicking through our visit links.

For information about depositing to a poker site please see our poker deposit methods page. For online casinos, see our best casino deposit methods page.

Sportsbooks With Easiest Deposits

Rank Poker Site Accept Credit Cards? Bonus/Referral Code Review Visit
1. Bookmaker   Review
2. BetOnline   Review
3. Bovada   Review

US Sportsbook Deposit Methods


The online sportsbook industry has never been bigger than it is today. The industry should also continue to grow. One of the only problems with betting on sports in the USA is the fact that it has become really hard for some bettors to deposit. Sports betting sites have been accepting bets online for well over a decade, but lots has changed in the industry over the years. The USA has done their best to make it difficult for US bettors to gamble online, but it’s still possible to fund your account and place wagers.


US bettors started having problems with funding their sportsbook accounts in 2006 when the UIGEA was passed. The new law prevented payment processors from completing gambling deposits from US bettors. Many of the best US sportsbook payment methods stopped processing payments for US bettors. Years ago many US bettors used to be able to use popular deposit options such as Neteller and Moneybookers, but after 2006 both e-wallets exited the US market immediately.


In the past 5 years many payment processors have opened and quite a few of the best processors have shutdown. Most US bettors use 3rd party payment methods nowadays to bypass blocks put on their credit cards and bank accounts. We’re going to look at the top payment methods in the USA throughout the rest of this guide. In 2011 US bettors don’t have the luxury of using that many deposit options or withdrawal options, but there are still about a half-dozen safe and secure banking options.


US Sportsbook Credit Card Deposits in 2015


Depositing money into a US bookmaker site using your credit card is real simple, but it won’t always be accepted. If you want to fund your bookie account using a credit card we recommend using Visa if possible because it’s accepted the most. MasterCard may also work for US bettors on some sites in 2015, but the decline rate is higher than Visa. A few sportsbooks still accept Discover and American Express credit card deposits, but they rarely work for bettors living in the USA.


US Sportsbook MoneyLineWallet Deposits


Most US bookies now accept MoneyLineWallet deposits and we definitely recommend them. To use this deposit method you need to click on the deposit option inside the sportsbook cashier. You’ll then be able to fill-in the details needed to fund your account using your US checking account. Right now MoneyLineWallet is the best way to deposit money into a US sportsbook.


US Sportsbook Prepaid Card Deposits


There are numerous prepaid card deposit options available in US sportsbooks right now and they’re amongst the most popular methods because of the 100% approval rate for most of the cards. You can purchase prepaid credit cards online from various sites and the cost is minimal. MyPaylineQ is another prepaid card that you can purchase online using a credit card. One of the newest prepaid US deposit options is PasteandPay, which is a prepaid voucher that you can purchase online as well.


US Sportsbook eCheck Deposits


For the past few years eChecks have proven to be one of the most used US sportsbook payment options, but many banks have been cracking down on internet gambling deposits. There are still a few bookies in the United States that accept eChecks and it’s still one of the simplest deposit methods as long as your bank doesn’t block the transaction. As long as you have a US checking account you can use the eCheck deposit option or the MoneyLineWallet deposit option listed above.


US Sportsbook Money Transfer Deposits


A lot of sportsbooks rely on money transfers to stay in business in the United States. Two of the best money transfer services accepted in US bookmakers include Western Union and Money Gram. Both of these companies operate in the USA and allow bettors to transfer money in person to the sportsbook of their choice. You can also receive withdrawals using these services and your transactions will always be accepted, which means you don’t need to worry about declined transactions anymore.


E-wallets used to be popular in the USA, but most of the top e-wallets are no longer accepted. Moneybookers and Neteller were used by thousands of American bettors to deposit and withdraw money to/from their bookie accounts. After Moneybookers and Neteller shutdown after the UIGEA was passed there have been some online e-wallets that have tried to fill the void, but they’ve all ended up closing to the US market or have had their US funds seized.


The US sportsbook industry has changed a lot over the years, but it’s still easy to bet on any sports you wish. Right now the best US sports betting site deposit options seem to be Prepaid Cards, Money Transfers and MoneyLineWallet. There are a few safe sites to buy prepaid cards in the USA that can be used instantly to fund your US bookie accounts. I can’t imagine there ever being a time when US bettors won’t be able to fund internet sportsbook accounts, but the USA will make it as difficult as possible.