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The table on the top of this page is kept up to date with the best online sportsbooks accepting US customers in 2015.  We only recommend solid books with a history of good lines and fast cashouts. Look no further for places that are American friendly.

There are many fly by night sportsbooks out there. It is important to stay away from shady books. Choose from our recommended list, and claim an exclusive bonus by doing so.  Simply click through to one of our recommended bookies by using our visit link in the table.  You will see on the table that we have Bookmaker, Bovada, and BetOnline listed as the top USA betting sites.

This page is sports betting specific. If you are looking for casino action, see our page about American friendly casinos. If you are looking to play poker, see our homepage for poker sites allowing USA players.

Best US Sportsbooks 2015

Rank Poker Site Accept Credit Cards? Bonus/Referral Code Review Visit
1. Bookmaker   Review
2. Bovada   Review
3. Bet Online   Review

US Online Sportsbooks Info and History


Americans love to bet on sports. The easiest way to bet on sports is on the internet. The US government doesn’t like the fact that offshore bookies accept bets from US residents. The government has made it increasingly difficult to bet online. US bettors are allowed to bet on sports online legally, but trying to deposit money into your bookmaker account isn’t that simple. We’re going to explain the history of online bookmakers, how to bet online in the USA and where to bet online in the USA. Choose a website in the table above if you are an American resident or citizen.


History of Online Sportsbooks in the USA


People in the United States have been betting on sports for hundreds of years now, but online betting sites have only been available since the mid-nineties. The US government has always tried to interfere with the offshore bookie business.  They have even prosecuted online sports betting site owners in the past. This has not stopped people from looking for where to find a sports betting website for United States residents.


In 2006 the US government passed the UIGEA law. The UIGEA prevented payment processors from processing online gambling transactions for US bettors. This law did not make it illegal to bet online. This law was aimed at the payment processing. As far as I know a USA citizen has never been prosecuted for betting on a website.


Lots of the huge European / UK bookmakers left the US industry after the UIGEA was passed. The bookies in the UK are traded publicly on various stock markets and they felt heat from shareholders to exit the US market. There are now a lot less reputable US online sports betting sites in the industry. Because of this you really need to be careful about where you decide to place wagers. There are 100’s of bookmakers operating online in the US market, but many of them aren’t financially stable.


How to Bet with an Online Sportsbook in the USA


The internet has transformed many industries including the bookmaker business. In order to bet on sports online you simply need to open an account and make an initial deposit. Depositing into a US account can be troublesome using certain options, but there are still a handful of excellent US sportsbook payment options. Once your account is funded you can bet on any of the sports or other types of bets using your account balance.


Where to Bet Online in the USA


There are still 100’s of internet bookies that accept players in the United States, but I wouldn’t recommend most of them. Only a small handful of US online sportsbooks are financially sound and reputable. In some online gaming industries players like going from one site to another. In the sportsbook industry it’s more important to find a few safe outs that you can use. Lots of the biggest online bookies have exited the US market in recent years, but there are still a few licensed and reputable bookmakers.


When choosing a sportsbook to bet with in the USA there are numerous factors that are vital to look at. Finding a US-friendly online bookie isn’t a problem, but finding a reputable one is. You need to make sure the bookie is above-water financially. You need to make sure that the bookmaker offers great customer service. You’ll find that you need to use support to claim bonuses and correct mistakes made by the bookie sometimes. It’s imperative that the US sportsbook you bet with is available when you need them.


A year ago there used to be plenty of top rated sportsbooks in the US market, but that’s changed this year. Lots of the best bookies have left the US market recently including BetUS, Bet Jamaica, The Greek, Sports Interaction. Quite a few other less popular bookmakers have also stopped accepting US registrations. This has definitely hurt bettors in the USA. Some of these sportsbooks were the best in the industry when it came to odds, payouts and support.

This has left many players asking which places are the best for betting on the internet.

US Online Sportsbook Market in 2015


Quite a few of the top US sportsbooks have stopped accepting US bettors due to the current laws. US bettors will still have a few great online bookies to place wagers with that are safe, secure and payout without any problems. In 2015 it’s more vital than ever to ensure that you only deposit to US sportsbooks that are safe. We’ve seen many top internet betting shops close up recently and we don’t want to see anymore bettors affected by another US sportsbook shutting down.


Betting online is still the most effective way for Americans to bet on sports. If you live in Las Vegas this may not be true as you have hundreds of live betting shops. Sports bettors don’t want to have to worry about dealing with local bookies and would much rather bet on sports online. There are a number of great US online sportsbooks still accepting new bettors.That is not likely to change in the near future.


As long as you want to bet on sports there will be a safe and secure sportsbook that’s willing to take your action. Depositing into your sportsbook account isn’t as easy as it once was. It’s definitely possible to deposit, and there will most likely always be a way to bet on sports online in the United States.

I hope that you enjoyed this article on which places are US friendly as far as online betting is concerned.  Casino players and poker players may want to check out our casino and poker specific pages in the top navigation.