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Everleaf Gaming Bans US Players

February 15, 2012 By Scott Jack


Everleaf Gaming Network made a change to their terms and conditions on February 9th 2012 and one of the terms stated that poker players in the United States won’t be able to play on the network anymore. The terms were changed without any notice to players and the Everleaf Gaming Network still hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the banning of US poker players.

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Everleaf Gaming

Everleaf Gaming Network Changes Terms & Conditions


  • Term 18 – “No person who is resident in Malta, France and USA may open an account, play, or in any other way participate in the ELG offerings and/or services.”

Poker players in Malta were never allowed to play on the Everleaf Gaming Network, which is common for poker networks that are licensed by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority in Malta. Term 18 now bans US and French poker players from the network.


Neil from Minted Poker Speaks Out On 2+2 Forums
Neil from Minted Poker made a post on February 9th on the 2+2 Poker Forum (Link) that stated US poker players won’t be able to play on the network anymore. Neil stated that the reason the network had to exit the market without notice is because Everleaf received a C&D from the Department of Homeland Security in the United States.

According to Neil one of the network’s processor’s was seized and the funds held by the processor were seized as well. Neil stated that the Everleaf Gaming Network, LGA and the Department of Homeland Security will work on an agreement to ensure that the seized funds can be sent to the US players with funds on the network.


Jennifer Winter from Luvin Poker Emails Luvin Poker Clients
The story so far hasn’t been adding up and there has been a lot of speculation. Jennifer Winter from Luvin Poker sent an email out to poker players at Luvin Poker stating that the Everleaf Gaming Network suspended real money action in the USA. Jennifer also said that the US DoJ didn’t come after the network and that no funds have been seized.

Jennifer also said that poker players in the USA would be able to play on the network for real money again. This email obviously conflicts with the story from Neil. I have no idea how much truth is behind each story, but I can draw the conclusion that the network is clearly in trouble and the poker skins on the network have even been kept in the dark for the most part.


Everleaf Gaming Network Sends Email to Network Skins
The Everleaf Gaming Network sent out an email to network skins that was leaked and it stated that funds were seized in the USA and that the network won’t be allowing US poker players to play for real money on the network anymore. Everleaf Gaming told the poker skins on the network that the rest of the network won’t be affected and only US accounts would be closed immediately.

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Everleaf Gaming Network Silence to Players a Major Concern
Poker players in the United States have now been waiting nearly a week for an official response from the Everleaf Network. Players have been patiently waiting to hear news about how they can withdraw the funds on their accounts, but the network hasn’t made an official statement yet and it speaks volumes about how the network is operated.

The poker skins have been trying to deal with the mass incoming complaints without much help from the network. Everleaf has done a very poor job handling this issue and Everleaf must have known that this problem was going to present itself. Once the network makes an official statement we’ll update this news post with the details.

Once the terms were initially changed US poker players on the network were still able to play. Eventually a message popped up when US poker players tried signing into their accounts stating that “the username/password combination wasn’t valid”. This is hardly a sufficient message to present US poker players when they try signing into their accounts.

Everleaf Gaming hasn’t sent an email to US poker players stating that the network has exited the market and there is no way for US poker players to even know about the problem until they search the internet. US poker players’ funds are currently frozen and there hasn’t been any news about how poker players will be able to withdraw their money in the future.

If the Department of Homeland Security or the US DoJ is involved with the seizure of funds it could be a long process before poker players in the USA receive any funds. Traffic on the Everleaf Gaming Network has been dropping and many poker players are starting to worry that the network is going to shutdown completely due to liquidity issues although this is only speculation.

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