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The table on this page is kept up to date with the top online casinos that are accepting customers from the United States in 2015.  Get an exclusive bonus at one of top three US friendly casinos by clicking the visit site link in the table.  Don’t be fooled by rogue online casinos. Choose one of the top brands from our table for a great gaming experience.

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Best US Online Casinos in 2015

Rank Poker Site Accept Credit Cards? Bonus/Referral Code Review Visit
1. Casino Titan   Review
2. Club USA   Review
3. Rushmore Online   Review

US Online Casinos


In the United States it has become increasingly difficult to gamble online. Most Americans have probably heard about the issues that poker players have been dealing with in the country. Thankfully, online casino players in the USA haven’t had to deal with nearly the amount of stress that poker players have had to deal with. Since “Black Friday” a lot of US online casinos have had to cease operations in the USA or at a bare minimum they’ve had to stop new US registrations. The table on this page serves as a good guide for players looking for an American friendly internet casino website. To read more about deposit methods see our US online casino deposit options page.


Playing in Online Casinos


Learning how to play in an online casino is remarkably simple, but choosing where to play is more difficult in the USA in 2015. To start gambling in an online casino website you need to decide how you want to play the games. Most US friendly online casinos have downloadable software, instant-play software and in some cases mobile software. Online casinos always teach new players how to open an account and start playing, so if you need help the 1st time you should contact the casino customer service team.


Choosing where to play is more difficult than learning how to play nowadays because of the US government. Only a few years ago, players were able to deposit and play in any online casino whenever they pleased. However, due to Black Friday and the UIGEA, players in the United States no longer have as many top casinos to join in 2015.


Nowadays it’s more important than ever to read through reviews of the remaining US casinos to decide whether or not it’s safe to currently join. Many of the best online casinos years ago are either out of the US market, closed down completely or can no longer consistently process deposits/withdrawals without running into lengthy delays.


History of Online Casinos


Microgaming was the 1st company to develop the required software to operate an online casino back in 1994. Unfortunately, the company didn’t have the capabilities to process payments from players. Cryptologic opened in 1995 and by 1996 InterCasino was the 1st ever online casino to accept real money deposits/withdrawals.


The early years of gambling on the internet were worry-free, as long as you only played in the top US online casinos. There were literally hundreds of places to play on the internet. By 2004 there were a handful of online casino software developers and hundreds of online casinos. Many people consider this time the glory days for online casinos in the United States because in 2006 everything changed for casino players living in the US.


Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (2006)


The US government decided to pass a new law in 2006 called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Most of you don’t understand what the UIGEA changed. The law was designed to prevent financial institutions from transferring money to any site that allows any form of gambling. The USA never made it illegal for US residents to gamble in online casinos, but due to the UIGEA many online casinos and payment processing companies exited the US market.


Black Friday (2011)


After passing the UIGEA the US government remained quiet until this year. In April 2011 the US DOJ indicted the biggest poker rooms on the internet on numerous charges including money laundering. US online casinos weren’t targeted by the DOJ, but that doesn’t mean that the DOJ didn’t get their message across. A host of online casinos have already shutdown or stopped allowing new US players since Black Friday and the number of online casinos accepting US players is becoming smaller by the month.


Online Casinos That Have Exited US Market


The UIGEA and Black Friday are the two main events in the history of online gambling in the US that have caused most operators to cease operations in the country. Most Microgaming Casinos left the US market in 2008 after a few of their domains were seized in Kentucky. Once Black Friday transpired the remaining Microgaming Casinos left the US market. Rival Gaming recently announced that they’ll no longer accept US registrations as well.


Most of the online casinos that decided to leave the US market have continued operating in other countries. Their focus has been on the Asian and European countries. However, certain brands have had to close their doors completely because their business relied on the US market too heavily. One of the most popular online casinos, English Harbour, had to close their doors recently because they could no longer operate profitably without US players.


Online casinos have only been in business for roughly 15 years and as you can see, they’ve had several issues. We list and have also reviewed the best online casinos still in the US market and we recommend sticking with only the best choices during these unpredictable times. If you are looking for where to play casino games, look no further than the American friendly places listed on the table at the top of this page.